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“Have you ever had a feeling that you want to say someting important but you can't?"

Sara Jackson, New York, 2 weeks on is such a place where you can be heard and understood.
Where you can feel relief by sharing a story from your real life.

Everyone has thought about loneliness one day or another. Even when not being alone, everyone has felt the utter emptiness inside.

If you don’t share any interests, thoughts, ideas with people that surround you, it seems you’re wrapped in the void, living somebody else’s life.

But there’s a tremulous feeling that somewhere is a place with people who see things the way you do.
Sara Jackson, wrote 2 stories and
had 2 online meetings so far is a place where you can tell your life story anonymously


"The first time I shared my life story with a real person, I felt relief"

Peter Smith, New Jersey, 1 month on

I've found and wrote about my feelings. And other people responded to my story and asked me to tell them about it. My feelings were heard and accepted.

I've stopped keeping everything bottled up and realized how important it is to be heard. How important it is to be supported by people who can relate to your problems.

People who are ready to listen to the real me. I was relieved.

And now I can read similar stories and help others who are in the same place where I've been before.
Peter Smith, wrote 4 stories and
had 3 online meetings so far is a place where you can connect and talk to others about your life stories
or share your life experiences

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